What is the difference between embroidery and tattoo?

Embroidery puts the pigment shallower into the skin's layer, so it is not permanent and lasts only for a few years because of the skin's cycle. Your make up will not run and stays beautiful for a long time and at the same time, you can shorten the make-up time. Please feel free to ask [...]

3月 28th, 2015|

How long is the downtime of embroidery?

Eyebrow:  3-10days(just after the service is done, the colour of your eyebrow will be darker than you require) Eye line(top&bottom): 3-5days( your eyes will get swelled just like after  you cried for a few days but for the bottom part of your eye, it doesn't really swell.)

3月 28th, 2015|

How long does the embroidery last?

It depends but 1-3 years on average.  

3月 28th, 2015|